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I am a Global Speaker, Educator, Entrepreneur & Coach

Do you want to find your purpose and inspire others?
I can help.

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The University Of CA Irvine
CA State University Fullerton
Inside The Outdoors Foundation

Services I Provide For My Clients

I can help you in these areas.

1:1 Coaching


Dedicated time to help you gain clarity, identify action steps, and leave feeling energized, focusing on achieving your goals!

Face to Face Coaching

Exclusive, personal and private coaching, tailored to help you achieve results and growth by creating a blueprint for your success.

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Group Coaching


Surrounded by like-minded people with an interest in business ideation, business development and coaching, you will have a safe and supportive environment to learn & grow.

Group Coaching Sessions


Sessions are scheduled once a week for 60 minutes in a group of 4-8 people.

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Engage in a powerful 6-month Mastermind which includes group meetings and 1:1 calls with me to focus on a specific area, maximizing your business results!

Collaborative Mastermind

Leverage the power of a mastermind, a collective emergent entity, where 2+3 = 6! We have created the conditions, so a higher-order intelligence can emerge to support your growth.

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— About Me

Hello, I'm Gisele -- nice to meet you!

I help individuals and organizations unleash their potential.

I’m a proud girls-mom, a corporate executive turned creative CEO, who has a profound energetic capacity to inspire, move and engage audiences from around the world on-site or online. My ability to connect with my audience stems from three decades of study, work, and travel around the world, speaking and exploring cultural, economic, and environmental phenomena. I capture and harness keen observations about human trends in business, education, and technology and transforms them into stories that support and enrich my audiences, preparing their mindset for the future. I love integrating and synthesizing psychology, business, social-cognitive theories, metaphysics, and history to explain and create compelling stories for organizations, addressing branding, marketing, DEI, productivity, and other social-cultural challenges.  

With 20 years of leadership experience in multi-national organizations (The Coca-Cola Company, Yum Brands (owner of Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell, and A&W), Sprint International, Colgate Palmolive, and others), I’m an award-winning corporate executive with expertise in leading teams in matrix organizations, project management, global supply chain, marketing, technology, and sales. After serving as a Director of Customer Solutions/National Retail Sales at a $43 billion company, and managing a $600 million business plan with my team, I redirected my energies and knowledge from the profit to the non-profit sector to advance innovations in education. Using my MBA, DTM, and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, I’ve formed alliances with the reputable organizations in the industry (i.e. Orange County Department of Education, Inside the Outside and Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District, and others), to curate hands-on, interactive and innovative educational programs for students, helping them to achieve academic excellence and career readiness.

My daughters describe me as an athletic “Captain Warrior” mom who has the power to ideate, innovate and implement solutions. With a laser-like Captain Marvel focus, I founded LifOpps, short for Life Opportunities, with my husband in 2017 to expand our vision for the future. I believe that each of us has an innate gift that only we can bring to the world.

If you’d like to connect, please send me a note on the contact page. I look forward to connecting with you!



Best Wishes,

Gisele T. Nguyen

Years of

What People Say

"Everything that arises in the mind is accompanied by sensation."
SN Goenka

Gisele is a wonderful coach. She has a wealth of experience to share, and coaching just flows naturally with her. Every time I come to a session feeling overwhelmed and confused, I leave with new insights and feeling calm about my path forward. She makes me feel safe and appreciated, and has a knack for picking out the right topic at the right time. Her energy, inspiring stories and sound advice really motivate me. Gisele is a powerful woman who knows just how to channel that energy to make others feel empowered. In short, sign up with her, you won't regret it.

HAN University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
Richard Kielbon

Gisele is a delight to work with as well as being a focused and professional coach. Her work with me brought me great strides ahead in two months and proved to be invaluable in achieving the goals we set forth. Her eager and enthusiastic style made it a joy to accomplish genuine progress.

Architect, Washington State
JoAnne Wiebe -Heads_hot

"Gisele has a talent for seeing the gifts within others and sharing that insight with them. She pours an unbelievable amount of belief into those around her to lift them up. Working with Gisele is an absolute dream and I know anyone who chooses to work with her will see immense benefits from her skills, knowledge and heart."


"It was an honor to work with you. I will never forget your kindness, love, and creative leadership. Not only does it improve my vision for future goals, it also encourages me to inspire others to achieve more and help them where they want to go. You have patience, perseverance, and incredible integrity, I pray for our leadership to grow and to inspire many others to come."

Woman reading a book at a cafe

"You are a leader who inspires success for your Areas and for all who work with you.  You are a tremendous blessing to all of us privileged to know you."

Garden Grove
Woman reading a book at a cafe

"You are a leader who inspires success for your Areas and for all who work with you.  You are a tremendous blessing to all of us privileged to know you."

Garden Grove

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Gisele Nguyen

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