Physical Distance: Why it matters?

We are living through one of the largest information and technology migrations in history during the Covid-19 pandemic. Millions of people have migrated from on-premise to online for distance learning, work, professional development, entertainment, and social engagement. It’s hard to believe that we have been physically distant from our family and friends for the past nine months while fighting to retain our social and emotional connections. Since mid-March, virtually every business or social interaction I’ve experienced including holiday celebrations, have been on an online platform (i.e. Zoom, Teams or Gotomeeting).

During the holidays, we usually have a gathering of up to 30 family members and guests, a boyfriend or girlfriend or two, from one of my 11 nephews or nieces. This Thanksgiving with covid rates rising to a record high, three of us sat joyfully around our dining table in shorts and t-shirts enjoying our traditional cornucopia of cornbread, turkey dressing, mash potatoes, cream of corn, and of course, the fresh salad to neutralize the saturated fats in the rib-eye steaks. Our older daughter joined us on zoom from Oregon, oohing at the homemade dishes. Later, our extended family from PA, TX, and Santa Ana joined us for a round robin presentation of “What I am thankful for….”

While this pandemic changed our family traditions, we know that it is ephemeral — a year or two from now, we will look back and reflect on the choices we’ve made. We chose to live with care, compassion, and empathy for others, especially those who are sick or suffering during this global pandemic. As of November 24th, 12.5 million people have the virus nationwide. More than 259,000 people have died in the US since the pandemic started — more than any other country by far, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

While this pandemic has been a challenge for all of us, it will take all of us to prevent further spreading of the virus and putting fewer lives at risk until a vaccine arrives.

We can see the green field in the horizon. Let’s keep our physical distance, if not to protect ourselves, then to protect those who are vulnerable.

Wishing you health and peace during this holiday season. 

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