Why Does Black Lives Matter?

Once in a blue moon, a book transports you to another time period, uncovering, reframing a historical narrative of America in the 1800s that captivates our attention and educates simultaneously. Dorothea Bonneau’s prolific writing and research details a historical account of the African’s contribution to South Carolina’s wealth. Africans from the Gambia region brought their knowledge and expertise in rice cultivation to South Carolina and helped secure a solid financial foundation for the new nation. Unfortunately, these stories are nowhere to be found in our history books, until now.

Once in a Blood Moon is a must-read and profoundly important book for students of history or literature. Additionally, if you like to understand the Black Lives Matter movement and why it exists, this book will open the door and shed light on the historical origins of the movement.

Alexandra, the protagonist, takes us on a journey into the hearts and minds of white slave owners, mixed races, indentured servants, and weaves a compelling and riveting storyline. I literally could not put this book down.

The Civil War ended over two hundred years ago, but the social and psychological mindset of the South remains intact today in America. Deep seeded racism, discrimination, hate, and cruelty borne of culture, religion, and society that feeds on power, wealth, and money still exist as evidence by the Trump loyalist and insurgents who invaded Capitol Hill on January 6th.

Bonneau’s novel arrived at an impeccable time, excavating truths about American history– and placing in clear sight ideology that has been buried, concealed, and covered for centuries. In order for our country to expand, recover and heal, we must understand the origins of the fear and the lessons it offers. When we seek to understand, we can prevent its reoccurrence.

Bonneau skillfully illustrates the human experience, embroidered with love for family, sacrifices, spiritual traditions, history, community, and collective support for other human beings. In contrast, she also reveals the evil, greedy, and betrayal that occurs in the assessor and sheriff’s behavior — today’s equivalence of police brutality.

I highly recommend this book for the depth of its analysis of the human race, including the social, emotional, physical, and spiritual elements. With over 15 years of research and connections to her ancestors, I believe this is one of the most important books of our time.

This book makes us think, ponder and want to discuss its contents further. I highly recommend Once in a Blood Moon to all students of American history and literature.

Here’s to a new beginning, a united America based on truth and moral character!

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