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Start with the 4 D's

You have a strong desire, something specific that has been on your mind, weighing you down for weeks, months or even years. Tired of running on the hamster wheel? I can help you map out a clear plan of action.
Schedule a MeEting
You will design your business community. Identify your niche, analyze your prospective clients psychographics, demographics, conduct beta tests and understand their needs.
Schedule a MeEting
Show Commitment
During our coaching sessions, we will identify actions leading you closer to your desired goals. You will leave each session feeling energized, motivated, and clear on the next steps to your transformation.
Show Commitment
Every action leads to new discoveries, new insights and key learnings about the next opportunity or about yourself! We foster feedback, adapt, integrate, innovate and iterate.

I can help you with

Most frequent questions and answers

Mental Models

With a psychology degree from UCI, I've studied the brightest minds: Maslow, Piaget, Dweck, Satir, Erickson, Pagan, Brandler and others. I've synthesize practical tools and techniques to help my Clients.

Business Programs

With 20 years of lessons learned in Fortune 100 companies and a knack for understanding the customer's anatomy, the DNA of high performing teams, I love teaching, designing, and marketing programs.

Develop Digital Products

I collaborate with reputable industry experts to design and curate courses to help you market, develop and launch your digital product/s.


When you join our tribe, you will receive a life-long membership and support from members of our community. We are connected-- as one human race, one humanity. Afterall, our DNA is 99.9% the same.

What Industries Do you Specialize In?

Gisele has experience in many industries; however, her expertise resides in the industries below.

Full end to end supply chain, marketing, customer management, operations and purchasing funnels.


Transaction, engagement and traffic data for customers.


Best in class analytics, data & insights visualization engines to support experiential learning and personal growth.

Need Help Developing Your Business Niche?

This process involves 4-key steps.

What are you good at? What comes easier to you than most? What would you do everyday even if you were not paid to do it? 

Who are your prospective clients? Do you have a client avatar? What problems are they trying to solve? What solutions are they willing to pay for?

What is the optimal instructional design to connect with your target audience? What is the story you can tell to develop trust and connection with your Client?

Implement– create content and connect with your Clients. Are you consistently offering value and extraordinary service with flawless execution? Conduct post-audit reviews to capture best practices and improvement opportunities.



Research shows humans have about 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts per day. Most are negative thoughts that recur from yesterday. Awareness of our mindset are critical to our personal expansion & growth.


Emotions are the sensory fuel that energizes your physical and psychological states. Emotional intelligence is our GPS guide to personal and professional success. Understanding our emotional triggers can be a powerful tool for multi-level relationships.  


Massive action produces transformational results! We understand the powers of intrinsic motivation and support  our clients to focus on high leverage actions to produce powerful results.

Productivity Practices

How to achieve fast results.

Physical Routines

Creating consistent and sustainable daily routines increases our productivity.

Healthy Habits

Feeding our bodies highly nutritious foods improve our mental and physical endurance and strength.

Focus Fulcrum

Mental mindfulness practices are included in our productivity practices.

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Gisele Nguyen

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